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Studio Album

Released March 2022


"Sun at Dawn"

Studio album, March 2022

Live Album

Released August 2021

"Live at Artfarm"

Live album, Aug 2021

LIVE Album 

Released MARCH 2020

"Live WeeWoo: Vol. 1"

Live Album, March 2020

Brad and Michael Live DUO album

Released November 2021

"Acoustic Sessions: Live at Blairsden Hall"

Live album, May 2021

Brad's solo album 

Released MAY 2020

"Live Tracks: Vol. 1"

Live Volume, May 2020

Studio Album

Released June 2019


"Time to Play"

Studio album, June 2019

Annie in the Water Live WeeWoo Vol 1 thu

"Live WeeWoo: Vol. 1"

Album, March 2020


"Time to Play"

Album, June 2019

Change My Mind Artwork 1600X1600.jpg


Debut Album 2011

"Change My Mind"

Single, May 2019

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"Summer Song"

Single 2009

"What Can I 

Say to You? (Reprise)"

Single 2009

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