The Tour is Here

December 4,2013 




imminent interviews and prepared for Powder Highway Documentary production... The tow hitches are installed, the trailer is attached, the snow tires are on and the truck is packed...  The band headed south, then headed north and now it's time for them to head out west!


Late last week it all began in Virginia and Ohio, then on Saturday afternoon it was all about the Après of skiing at Whiteface Mountain...  The skiers and riders poured in after their day on The Face and the drinks and AitW jams started flowing- always a great combination (keep in mind that inebriated skiers and riders always equal a fun show).  Joined by their friend Dan Mason on guitar there were Annie in the Water vibes with rich bluesy tones radiating throughout the room... The Whiteface crowd was loving it, the staff was awesome and the Bloody Maries were well decorated and delicious… 


The guys wrapped up their set, packed up their stuff and immediately hightailed it over to Smoke Signals with little time to spare before show number two.  The guys used their time wisely as Lucas ran around in his underwear, Brad danced and Mike kept his camera rolling… That being said, we’d all like to congratulate Mike on his first PG-13 production...  15 minutes later the show at Smoke Signals could not have been better!  It was high energy, and the fans made it even more fun.  The guys laid it down thick, the place was packed, the crowd danced their faces off, and the late night sing alongs topped it all off...  Brad, Mike and Lucas would also like to point out that if you are ever in Lake Placid make sure to stop by Smoke Signals for some amazing dishes, over the top tasty BBQ sauces and burgers the size of a small truck.


Sunday was all work and all play, with a day of down time a few finishing touches were made on tour material including the songs you all know and love, some new tunes, and some new jams...  Oh yes, it’s time to rock!  And, oh yes, it’s time to roll through New York, into Chicago, on to Colorado and out to Wyoming…  The Rocky Mountains and the Tetons are calling for The Powder Highway Documentary…  Keep your eye out for fresh songs, videos and stories from the road!


Link: The Powder Highway Documentary Fundraiser