As the New Year begins for Annie in the Water Week 1 is all about the music...   At Dry Hill the bar was packed, the floor was full, and the guys had no problem finding space to place their grooves in Snow Town...  Now it's time to prepare for the studio. 


The guys are hard at work as ideas develop, songs take shape, and artistic license takes over for their next studio album.  The path has been carved for their new release, which means in the months ahead there is hard work to be conquered, long nights to be had and countless sessions to compose…  It’s all business for AitW, and concepts are now turning into realities.  As their rough mixes playback it’s already apparent that creativity has without a doubt led to endless innovation and positive transformations.  These guys are taking their style to the next level both conceptually and technically- you are going to like what you hear…   This album will be hot, with an anticipated release in April; it’s going to be a little warmer than normal this spring.

New Year, New Show, New Album

January 8, 2014