Moosefest &

Lake Placid

October 20, 2013



What a weekend for the boys… We had a fantastic time on the road and played some great live shows! We started the weekend in Old Forge, NY at Slickers Friday night for Moosefest. It was a fest indeed. The sound in the room was great and we really appreciate all of the people who jammed out. We can honestly say that it was the first show we have ever performed were there was crowd surfers. You can blame it on the beers but it all started during our second set when we started playing Talking Heads "This Must Be The Place." But that song spoke numbers about the crowd we were playing for. Moosefest was full of paddlers, kayakers and rafters running the Moose River and getting together for one of the last hoorays of the season. The friendship and enjoyment we felt in that room was infectious and it will be one of our more memorable shows. Everyone was glad we were there and we were glad to play. Maybe we need to look into booking an event for the spring when the water runs fast again?


We then woke up on Saturday morning to the knocking of the housekeeper. We slept in past check out. After moving quickly the boys all packed up and started heading North to Lake Placid, NY. Upon arrival, we stopped in to our local spot Lisa G's to see all of our friends. There is something about the Adirondacks that make us feel at home. You could say it is the peaceful surroundings but we feel it is the hospitality that makes us feel so welcome… We set up shop at Delta Blue and enjoyed a few hours to relax. The town wasn't as busy as we saw in the summer but it was nice to walk around the town and enjoy the Fall scene.


When 9pm hit, we started the jams. We had a crowd of people from all different backgrounds. Everyone was locked in and enjoying the show. Seeing how Delta Blues is known for the famous national blue acts that come through their doors, we took the jams to a new level. Lucas, our new bass player, has really synced in with the boys. He has been adding a whole new flavor to the show and the grooves have continued to improve. Every stop or transition was on point and the clarity of sound was all there. All the parts are coming together and Delta Blue was that show that spoke words about our progress. Midway through a few of our tight jams, our friend Jocelyn showed everyone her fantastic hula hoop skills in front of the stage. From there on out everyones eyes were focused on the show.


We stopped the show on a positive note with our original song "Ohio." It was one of the best versions we have ever played. Brad's vocals built the song up and brought it all down with a bang.


Quick turnaround though. Tonight we are going to be hitting the speakers hard to rehearse and get ready for a big weekend here in Albany and then in Watertown! Friday night we are playing at 8:30pm at the Cannon Barrel Pub in Watervliet, NY and then we head to Upstate NY to play at the Black River Valley Club on Saturday at 9pm for the Halloween bash in Watertown, NY! We are super stoked for the shows!


Thanks to all of you for supporting us so far. We couldn't have done it without you all!