Lights, Snow, Action

January 20, 2014




They poured out the jams as snow fell under the bright lights, and as people from all over the world were there to celebrate and see some of the wildest things ever done on two skis…   When their set wrapped up everyone was pumped up- AitW had torn the veil off the stage of the World Cup Finals!


The whole event was a night to remember.  They’d like to send out a huge thank you to everyone from ORDA and USANA, to Commentators Stuart Helmsley & Gordy Johnson for bringing Annie in the Water on stage with style, and a sincere thank you goes out to everyone in the crowd who danced, cheered and sang along under lights Saturday night…  Annie in the Water is definitely looking forward to rocking The Cup again in 2015!


Check them out this Saturday as they rock the house at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont.