Snow fell under the bright lights. As the show went on you could see and feel the crowd’s energy rise with every minute of every song, the emotion reached the level of crazy, and crazy defined the atmosphere for the rest of the night! NBC Sports Television was there to capture all of the action, and every single one of tricks, as 7,000 people from countries all over the world were there to celebrate and see some of the wildest things ever done on two skis… Annie in the Water had a few tricks of their own as they jammed out for the masses as well… Their set was completely tailored to this crowd. It didn’t matter where or what country you were from; everyone, anywhere in the world could dance and sing along from the start to finish of their performance. Full of dynamics, tight jams and thick grooves Annie in the Water had the crowd screaming and cheering, they had fans jumping around and they had speakers thumping as they rocked it, funked it and laid it all out there for the people. When their set wrapped up everyone was pumped up! AitW topped off the foundation, and tore the veil off the stage of the World Cup Finals!


It goes without saying, the guys had an amazing time, and the athletes were unbelievable to watch. They’d like to send out a huge thank you to everyone from ORDA, to the Commentators Stuart Helmsley & Gordy Johnson for both their support, and for bringing Annie in the Water on stage with style. A big thank you from Annie in the Water also goes out to all of the people who worked so hard to bring this USANA event to life, and a sincere thank you goes to everyone in the crowd who danced, cheered and sang along under lights Saturday night… Annie in the Water is definitely looking forward to rocking The Cup again in 2015!


Now that the guys are back in town it’s time for them to get back to the big task at hand: The next album. New tunes are in the works as the release date for the next Annie in the Water EP moves closer and closer- and you better believe they are putting in long nights writing, creating and developing new material… You can already hear growth in both the style and the elaboration of their songs… Be… Ready… In… April!!!


As the guys compose they are becoming more and more inspired every single day from the growing support of their fans- you’re the ones who help them create their musical emotion, and you are the ones who make them unleash AitW’s rhythms and AitW’s vibes! Without you these sounds would not be possible… And without you they definitely would not have as much fun.


Check them out this Saturday as they rock the house at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont.

Lights Snow Action

January 20, 2014