Fresh Pours & Busting Doors

March 7, 2014




passed around this lucky crowd.  People were jumping, and the jams got crazy...  If you haven’t seen Mike play guitar behind his head while balancing on one foot and standing on top of a bar you haven’t been to The Pour Party… There is never a dull night on the AitW stage in Upstate.


On Saturday, Potsdam people piled into Maxfield’s as the guys opened up their first set of the night... An evening AitW set ended as early morning show.  The room was dancing, the crowd was singing along all night, and a few new AitW fans even decided to spend some time on stage with the guys… These fans didn't have instruments, but you could tell they had drinks… This show was an absolute  blast for the band- the guys are all extremely grateful for the support that two of their favorite “Band-Aids” provided for this show.


Annie in the Water will without a doubt be back in Potsdam!