The Road to Production

August 25, 2014

After a three month run of four or more shows per week the guys had a short break from the road, and they set up shop by the Great Lakes of New York State...  Last week was filled with much needed time in the lab; completing audio and video post-production…  A few of their wildest shows over the last few months had the action filmed, and the sounds recorded, which means now they are getting ready to be released to their fans!  But, long hours and late nights of editing doesn’t mean they didn’t have some fun on stage…  Brad and Lucas rocked out at The Celtic Harp in Utica, NY as a duo for a “four hours of fun show,” and a few days later the guys strapped up on the shore of Skaneateles Lake and played their tunes off into the sunset as the waves rolled off the rocks (not a bad way to wrap up the week)…  Stay tuned, and get pumped for a new release (or two).  

Taking the 1,000 Islands by Storm

August 19, 2014

After spending the week traveling Annie in the Water threw down two days and two nights of music during Pirates Week in The 1,000 Islands.  Top of The Bay in Alexandria Bay, NY was packed wall to wall, a light show was in full effect and their friend Dillon was tickling the ivories as the guys laid down a three and a half hour set.  The very next day they jammed out for a daytime party, and as an afternoon monsoon set in Brad and Lucas discovered that Glad Oder Shield Trash Bags offer ample short term protection for musical equipment in wet conditions, all while adding a fresh and clean scent to your gear…  So, as their gear freshened up, two hours later it was back to prime time Alexandria Bay where AitW turned The Riverboat into an absolute madhouse...  But, it didn’t stop there, the guys were back on stage 12 hours later overlooking Lake Ontario, playing their music for the good people of  Sackets Harbor, NY...  Sure there might have been a little rain coming down on Pirates Week, but that didn’t stop Annie in the Water from surrendering their booty to the fans with each and every set

St. Francis

August 14, 2014

Mike’s wallet once was lost, but now is found, but we’ll get to that shortly…  The guys spent last week playing up in The Adirondacks mountains, and between show they got t ospend some time hiking up moutains.   From performances at Cloud Spin Lounge at the base of Whiteface in Willington, NY, to The Adirondack Loj by Hart Lake and under the lights at Smoke Signals in Lake Placid, NY it was a week to remember on stage and off.  Smoke Signals was packed to the brim as AitW opened up for Pete Francis of Dispatch; the guys packed the place up, got the masses rocking, lit up the crowd and then Pete knocked the place down with sick show.  Mike also got sick when he thought he lost his wallet, but just when Mike though it was time to cancel the cards Peter found Mike’s wallet, and saved the day…  Because of St. Pete, Mike has all of the items necessary to buy new strings and a 12 pack of beer.

Weather or Not

August 6, 2014


From gigs under the blazing hot sun to late night shows in the moonlight, rain or shine, and bug bite, after bug bite, after bug bite- it's been a summer filled with outdoor shows for Annie in the Water...  No shirts, no shoes, and they still get service (only at their shows though.  All restaurants and convenience stores still make them put on clothes before entering their establishments).  Last week was nonstop craziness as the guys rocked the after party at Saranac Thursdays in Central, NY packed the house in Saratoga Springs, and then headed to Upstate New York where they closed out The Bella-Brooke Music Fest, and rocked The Black River Festival with a night of three long sets that were all topped off with a wild 45 minute encore…  This week AitW wanted to make sure that their festival shows made all of the good festival goers wake up the next morning with a smile.  However, from the looks of it some people probably woke up with a massive hangover, and others probably didn’t go to bed.



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